Camping Tips 101!


Camping is an outdoor experience. Please be prepared for a bit of nature. This includes gnats, mosquitos, flies, and other animals living in unison with our campground.

Always bring along bug spray with Deet. Bug sprays that specifically target the mosquitos, gnats, and flies will make for a more enjoyable stay!       

Remember to put all trash in a safe space overnight, trash left out overnight makes easy prey for Racoons and many type of birds! 

Respect the campers around you.

Walking through campsites not assigned to you is considered rude to most campers, please stay on the roads and walkways.

Do not park vehicles in sites that may seem empty. You may have a neighbor arriving late expecting to set up in that site.

Turning radios off and voices down after quiet time ensures everyone in the campground a good night sleep.

Use proper etiquette when bringing your fur babies.

Do not tie pets to water spigots or leave outside unattended. This includes leaving pets unattended in an R.V. or Tent.

Please pick up all doody your pet may deposit. Nobody likes dog poo on their shoes!

To ensure the safety of your pet and the pets of others, your pet should be kept on a leash at all times. 

The shorter the leash the better, this will give you more control of your pet. It will also set the minds of non-dog lovers at ease.

Remember, some people are afraid of dogs, you can help make their stay just as enjoyable as yours by following pet etiquette!

Please read all signs and follow all rules while using the pool!

The state of Illinois regulates our pool rules. We are licensed and inspected yearly by the State of Illinois and must abide by these rules in order to keep our license, allowing our guests to enjoy the pool year after year.

No Glass Allowed in the pool area. Broken glass is very dangerous.

No Food Allowed in the pool area. Nobody wants to see another guest’s lunch floating in the water or saturated alongside the pool deck. This includes Band-aids and Baby Diapers.

Any person under the age of 16 must have an adult over the age of 17 to swim with them.

Any person must be the age of 16 or older to swim without adult supervision.

If swimming on a windy day, leaving the umbrella up and open is extremely dangerous. For your safety and the safety of others, the umbrellas should be closed while swimming.

Guests may bring a cooler into the pool area. All drinks must be plastic or aluminum, preferably with a closing lid. Bees and other flying insects love to hide inside open cans, keeping them covered is a great idea!

*We are always looking to expand out Camping 101 list. If you have any suggestions, please shoot us an email to We love to hear from you!